Wherein Sunshine takes a bath in the sink, or....The kitchen floor gets scrubbed.

Since our table is so lovely and cleared off thanks to Mr. Man yesterday, I decided today, while the wee ones were so absorbed into their Lalaloopsy movie, to wash the kitchen floor, as it was in much need of being done.  And so I began.  I got one cupboard door washed as well as the dishwasher and about 6 square feet of floor shining before Sunshine realized mommy was playing with water.
Without her.
She ran over with a huge grin on her face and pulled a towel from the drawer indicating she wanted to help.  I tried to dissuade her, but she was intent on participating in such a wonderful task.  Despite their being pinesol in the water, I finally handed her a towel, and she gleefully dipped it in and washed a wall.  It was but a few minutes before Mischief caught on that she was missing out on a joyful occasion.  She too came and claimed a dish cloth.  And so it was that I found myself booted from my activity and relegated to the sidelines.
And then Sunshine wiped her face with a soapy hand and freaked out trying to wipe the bubbles off  and only making it worse.  I swooped in, skating across the floor on briefly dry dishtowels to strip her to her diaper, deposit her in the sink and rinse the pinesol water off of her.

She loved it.

The kitchen at least smells clean now.


sleepless said…
Such adventures...funny kids..it looks good though..glad it smells clean !..I faked my floor by scooching around on it with two swiffer wet cloths under my feet.[from Sandy, when she moved]..now it just looks like it needs mopping instead of worse !
Juli said…
Seriously? Your kids washed the floor for you?

Can they come here?
Jamie Hatch said…
It looks clean too! Yeah!

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