Yard work

It's what boys are for!
 Well blogger uploaded these pictures totally out of order, so...whatever.  While we were at his parent's house, Mr Man helped with some yard work.  His sisters husbands helped also.
 They transplanted trees.
 The foreman looked on as they worked. :)

 They stacked firewood.  And I got a kick out of Mr. Man looking short. (Mr. Man is 6'2")
 They placed down a new path of garden stepstones.

 Sunshine wanted to help.

 A nephew helped out too.
 These stones have the initials and/or handprints of all their children/spouses/grandchildren.

Great work boys!


Emily Robertson said…
So fun! Glad Ben got to help out =) He likes working with the big boys! Yeah anyone next to Jami looks extremely short! It is pretty amusing =)
Juli said…
I love the stones! Such an awesome idea. Sadly I have four men in the house and I am almost always out there with a rake, shovel, or plant of some sort.

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