Cupcakes and Presents

Rather than drag presents with us and try to make a gluten free cake in someone else's kitchen, we decided to celebrate Mischief's birthday a few days early.
Mischief enjoyed the beaters from my mixing the frosting, and Sunshine loved the spatula(scraper).

 Oh ya, here's the birthday girl...

 Opening her gifts (from Namma and Boppa)

And she's done.  She wanted to go watch it.  Her sisters reminded her there were more gifts to open.

A Mickey Mouse bank.
Mickey Mouse jello mold
Mickey Dress that she wanted to wear immediately, and therefore sleep in.
And big sister gave her a gift too.  One of her Pokemon cards!

Time to watch some Shirley Temple!
Thanks Namma and Boppa!


Jennifer said…
How sweet! Happy Early Birthday Ava! You are one lively and beautiful little girl. I love your curls
Laurel said…
Wow, Mischief looks a lot like her Daddy! I remember you saying that when she was a baby, but this is the first time I really see it.

Now, I am dying to see her hair in ringlets like Shirley Temple!

I guess she is a big Mickey fan?

I have been thinking about her birthday and wanting to send her something. I used to always make something for DQ on her birthday and I was feeling like all of our family attention to your family always goes to the oldest and that isn't very nice! But, we are having crazy times over here and not much time for sewing. Maybe I'll send her something belated, or maybe I'll try for Christmas! Either way, Happy Birthday!
sleepless said…
Great Mickey nightgown !..Thanks for the laugh with H. !! great imitation of the Shirley Temple look !!
Juli said…
Love it! Looks like it was great!

PS I picked up the new Pampered Chef GF cookbook. IT's all their standard recipes done GF. Gonna try some this week. I'll let you know how it turns out. :)
Emily Morgan said…
I love how much she looks like Shirley Temple on the DVD sweet! You two have beautiful girls. :)

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