Good day

Today started off not so sunshine-y.  Correction, outside was sunshine-y.  I, myself, was far from sunshine-y.  But, I can happily tell you that it got better.  And that's even with having to....interact with other people, including a perfect stranger who got to have an indepth look at our horrific checking account (and made 4 overdraft fees magically disappear.  I will avoid mentioning odfs from now on, cause any bit of irish blood in me starts to show it's fire-y red head)

Today I was grumpy.
Got Mr. Man off to work.
Came home.
Snarled any time the girls came near me.
Got Drama Queen to school.
Came home.
Grumped around.
Sunshine started grumping and complaining.  In response I put her down for her nap half an hour early.
Decided we needed a change.
Told Mischief we were making play dough.
Sunshine was not happy, and was complaining, not crying just yelling for mom, then I realized,
She's hungry.  I haven't fed anyone.
Got her back up.  Fed her some cereal and cornstarch and she played with some of the spilt cornstarch from the play dough Mischief was making.
We used a recipe off pinterest for gluten free playdough/model clay....and it sucks.  It was drying out as soon as it had cooled down!

Still we endured.

While cooking the dough, Sunshine decided she wanted to get dressed and independently.  This is what I discovered once I took the pan off the heat.

Ya...I gave her a bit of help with the lace romper...

Sunshine has never played with playdoh or home made play dough as this is the first time we've attempted a gluten free version for Mischief.
She loved it.
And didn't know what to do with it.  She just chopped at it with her little plastic knife and then would stack the pieces up and start hacking again.  I tried to show her you could make an animal out of it.  She stabbed my demonstration animal with her knife.  I showed her you could make balls with it.  She thought that was fun.  And smooshed the balls into her tower of dough. I rolled a snake for her and encouraged her to try to do one.  She delightedly chopped up the snake.

Mischief made her dough look like daddy.  Then she turned it into a pizza.  Then she made an ice cream cone.  Overall, she was quite imaginative and didn't complain about how it was dry and crunchy.

Then we ate lunch.  And Sunshine finally  took her nap.  During which Daddy called so we could go take care of some money issues...then the girls and I came home and spent an hour outside watering and weeding.  Both girls ended up pretty wet and I had to assure them that they would dry.  Then it was time to pick up Drama Queen, after which we go and walk around Target until daddy is off work.  Then we headed to Aunt April's so Mr. Man could help out the cub scouts with learning how to take care of their bikes (what he does best...and one of the bikes had a Built By sticker on it...with his name...hahahaha).
Then we left the girls there and headed back to the bank where we had happy results and a savings account opened.
Went and got the girls. Rushed home.  Got dinner made while the girls watched Pokemon.  Dinner eaten and everyone but mom to bed.

And my head is happy.  It's nice!  It's nice to have my head being nice to me for once!  I actually feel like sewing!  It's amazing.  Maybe I'll make good use out of my insomnia tonight.


sleepless said…
Thanks for the laugh...Hazel dressing herself !! Happy day that over charges disappeared !.. cute smile you got out of M. ! Love ya !!
Laurel said…
Hazel is getting so big! I still think of her as a little baby. She has a great sense of style.

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