Today I've been restless.  The weather is heavy but before these pictures it had not yet rained.  I was bored and tired.  Mischief was bored.  We decided to see if the garden needed watering or not.  we put on our shoes and sweaters and headed outside.

Mischief's new favorite way to get off the porch is to jump from the side of the fourth step.  The fifth seems too high to her, and the third just isn't daring enough.

The garden is still quite moist from yesterday's rain so we decided that no watering was needed.  She was delighted to discover a rollie-pollie (pill bug).  She refers to them as her friends. She picked it up and he went with us back up to the front yard to see if any strawberries were ready.

She left the rollie-pollie with the strawberries, none of which are ready yet, and we headed to check on the container plants.
Our broccoli is getting bigger, so exciting.  Still no lettuce.  One of the cabbage plants has died.

Last night after she'd been asleep for about half an hour, Sunshine woke up crying.  She'd been fussy all day, and the day before, but we thought she was just testing her boundries and seeing how she could manipulate us...  But she woke up crying and the it stopped a moment and then she cried again and then there was silence and I heard.....splattering.  I jumped up and ran to her room where she was standing in her crib crying again, a puddle of regurgitated juice and chewed prunes dripping on the railing and on the floor.  I yelled for Mr. Man asking if he wanted to clean up the child or the  room, he chose Sunshine and took her to the shower.  I cleaned off the crib rail and started scrubbing the floor.  Once it was cleaned up I went to grab her blanket that was right by the railing and had some spots, and discovered there was more all over the bed.  Every single thing in that bed needed washing.  I was grateful I hadn't looked for her yellow blankie before bedtime, just using the pink blanket instead.  She will only sleep with minky blankets on her.  She kicks all others off with a definite "nuh-uh".  Clean sheet, clean blankies, scavenged around for some stuffed animals for her to sleep with, found a pacifier that wasn't lying in a puddle of eww.

Sunshine throughout yesterday afternoon:

"No!"  she didn't want any more pictures of her taken.  At least we know why she was so tearful!  She didn't feel good!

Today after Mischief and I checked on the garden, she told me she wanted to go to the library.  I too had cabin fever and agreed.  So off we went.  We discovered they have a teepee set up in the library right now!
We read a few books, looked at some of the things on display then headed upstairs to see her favorite thing...
The dinosaur.

Then we looked for dinosaur books, and then fish books and then bug books.  We eventually condensed it down to 5 books for her and 2 for me.

All the way back home up State Street we were behind this truck...I didn't know what it was advertising but I could guess food/drink of some sort and the cow implied dairy something....but then I was just confused by the cow....she's missing something pretty pertinent for the removal of milk...


sleepless said…
Pretty funny commentary...I enjoyed it..and yes, the cow IS confusing ! The photos are fun ..nice adventures !
Sleepy said…
BTW rollie pollies love strawberries.
Laurel said…
Poor little Sunshine! Feel better! This reminds me that I need to check when our library books are due!

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