Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend we headed up to Mr. Man's parents house. All his siblings did. And a couple of uncles and cousins came too. His parents will be leaving soon for a church mission to the Philippines  It was a nice weekend and the girls loved playing outside freely and with cousins.

 It was good to see Mr. Man working hard. They got a sprinkler system mostly in place and the side yards are now laid with sod. We all got sunburned, Drama Queen's and Mr. Man's burns have already turned into tans.

The kids got to see cows on the move and some curious llamas. While I resisted turning into a fan girl in the presence of those who choose to farm and pasture raise those animals.
Runaway cow!

They trouped along with me and their grandma and some Aunts, uncles and cousins as we searched for the markers of relatives long gone.  There is family on both Mr. Man's side here, and mine as well. My mother's grandparents are buried here.  And we discovered that my great great great great grandmother Rosina Kunz is the sister of a great great great great grandfather of Mr. Man's...

They earned an ice cream reward for their choosing to partake in that with only minor complaints. Mischief has been cutting dairy out of her diet.  First yogurt and ice cream...after a few bites she said her tummy hurt.  :(

Most of all this weekend I learned to appreciate that we have only three children. With Mr. Man's parents, siblings, their spouses and children all present there were 18 adults, and over a dozen children. His parents house is large, yet we were grateful for the good weather so we could spend much of the time outside. 
Feeding us all was not an easy task, yet my mother in law did it well and without complaint. 
We will miss their kindness, company and hospitality over the next two tears. I don't know how she raised 8 kids so well, as I do poorly with just three. And for once I am grateful to have just the three.  They are challenge and joy enough.


sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing !! I love Hazel with the Tonka truck..wonderful family photos !! Raising children is NOT easy..but what else is there really ?!
Laurel said…
I love your family picture, all of you look nice in teal.

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