Mr. Man gets a trombone

 Mr. Man's brother called this morning wanting to know if he was interested in a trombone at this yard sale he was at.  It was $10.  He also came home with a high quality plastic pan flute.

 It is pretty.  No maker, pretty dinged up, but all parts move.  And it's cute. It totally has character. He'll test it out tomorrow after I sterilize the mouth piece.


Juli said…
YOU are a better woman than I. No loud instruments in this house, thanks.
Abigail said…
LOL, we had one before, but then sold it to my cousin when she decided to play it in high school. Mr. Man played trombone all through high school, more band classes than anything else, lol. I grew up playing trumpet and piano, so we both are ready for our kids to start learning something that sounds like a dying cow....
Hey. At least it isn't a French Horn. And you really can't beat that price!

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