While daddy to Drama Queen to the city pool, Mischief and Sunshine played outside.
We went down to the playground where they were far more interested in the stuff ("caterpillars" as I recall calling them) falling from the trees than they were with the slides.

Mischief went down the slide purely because there was a huge pile of them on it and she wanted to push them off.

Then we went back to our house where Mischief declared it to be too too hot, so I put on the sprinkler.
At Sunshine's age, the other girls HATED the sprinkler, and might stand just barely close enough to the edge of the water where the could get their hands wet.  Not Sunshine.  The kid walked right into it.

Our fun ended when they decided they were actually cold, and as we were walking into the house on one side, Daddy and Drama Queen were coming in the other.  Perfect timing!


sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing their cuteness !!
Katie Bell said…
Love her little romper....too bad the idea is ridiculous for adults.
Laurel said…
Look at that blue sky!

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