Sometimes, I just want to gripe.  So instead, I am silent.  Cause I have a friend on facebook, a once upon a time co-worker that I never was really friends with, but ya know, I have a spying on people issue so yes, please friend me so I can look at all your pictures...anyway, the only times she posts on facebook is to swear (aka curse aka cuss) about her day.  I admit that's what my twitter account is for, but minus the curse words.  Anyway.  Rather than gripe, I remain silent.  or post pictures.  But I have no new pictures at the moment.  So have a lovely day.


Juli said…
That's what I have the blog for. Except I can gripe in more than 140 characters.

My FB this morning was "I really don't think I have a 12 mile walk in me today."

I have a few people on my fb who love to get as crude as they can. I think my favorite feature on fb is the ability to hide someone's posts from your newsfeed, so you don't have to see it unless you go to their wall. It has saved my sanity on more than one occasion!!

And gripe away. :)

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