Sunshine-y day

Yesterday we weeded most of the front garden (or un-weeded if you're Amelia Bedelia).  Today pulled out all the grass trying to take over the back garden spot.  And killed a centipede.  Was going to include a picture, but those things creep me out.

Mischief helped plant carrots and parsnips and I planted beets and radishes.  The weather we've had the last few days (not too hot, not too cold, a day or two of rain) made the cabbages and broccoli and kale plants perk up quite a bit.  The pea plants grew another inch and the swiss chard plants that aren't entirely dead look like they'll last the year.

We planted calendula seeds in the front as well.

Mischief played with worms and rollie-pollies and smashed spiders and pincher bugs.  And washed rocks.

All the while Sunshine was supposed to be sleeping, but she's decided to take upon herself the stereo type of "terrible twos" even though she still has 2 months to go on that...we could hear her screaming when we went around front to plant flower seeds.  So I pulled her out and she helped us water the yard and then we made lunch and Sunshine refused to eat and then I decided it was for sure nap time.  And now she's doing her best attempts at realistic crying (not her best impressions though) and I'm going to go take a shower so I can wash the dirt out of my hair that she so kindly repeatedly dumped on me before our first nap's a picture of her from last week:



Juli said…
That's some serious fashion sense right there. :)

I started all our veggies from seed. And I've killed them all already. *sigh* just wasn't meant to be this year I guess.
sleepless said…
Good luck with your garden...almost as tricky as your girls !! good luck with them too !!

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