Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sorry for the silence this week.  We discovered we have mice and have been trying to deal with that...I caught one in the vacuum, but we are fairly certain there are more, Mischief was up late last night due to having taken a nap and she says she saw one run from under the kitchen table to behind the entertainment center.  Joy.  Mr. Man will be assigned to go get more traps and some steel wool.  I caught the first mouse, he gets to deal with the rest, live or dead.  (I had him take the one I caught up to the canyon).

In other news, Mr. Man told me it is time to dye my hair again.  This after he made me hold still to get something out of my hair, that something was a pure white piece of hair.  I smacked his hand when he reached to pluck out another.

I got sunburnt today.  We had a yard sale.  Not sure the sunburn is worth the mere $32 we made.  Savers is getting a huge haul today.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Wasatch Back Ragnar

Mr. Man has been interested in participating in a Ragnar for a while. When his cousin wasn't able to do it after all, Mr. Man happily said yes, he would fill the vacancy.

A Ragnar is a team relay race. The Wasatch Back event covers the 198 miles from Logan to Park City in Utah. Each regular team has 12 people on it, each doing three "legs" of the journey. Mr. Man was van 2 runner 11. One of the hardest positions. 

So on this past Thursday, we took Mr Man up to his meeting place. Sunshine was not impressed that we left daddy behind. 

Then the next afternoon we headed out to Park City to watch his team come in. It took them a bit over 33 hours to complete, quite impressive to me!  That is some rugged terrain they go through!

     Sunshine was pleased to have her daddy back. And liked his medal too.

He is looking forward to putting his name out at the runners store next year in hopes of snagging a spot on a team again.  And now he is confident to try a half marathon as his foot didn't act up at all despite the strenuous climbs he had to do.  His latest ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston (okay it's been his goal for over a year now....)
Fun adventure!  And now we know we like how pretty Park City is (it was my first time there) and we both LOVED Heber....too bad I don't like snow!

Historic Main Street

The photo editing program does not work on our computer, so you only get small pictures, as I could not even watermark them.  Here are a few pictures from our visit/photo shoot in Park City.

Mischief has mastered a "soft smile".  She is quite the little model.  Sunshine is very much a two year old (almost) with the attention span to match, all the fun new things to look at and the plethora of people staring(and gushing over how beautiful) at them was oh so distracting.

Friday, June 21, 2013

After three years...

 My photography has improved and so has editing (or ability to not).  And look at her hair now!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Drama Queen

She's still alive, really. It seems to make us all less homesick/missing a child if we talk less. My sister has sent me these pictures. One is her new beach bag and the other is her today looking so cute and sweet. Funny thing is I think daddy misses her most of all of us. I did not expect that!

Monday, June 17, 2013

where's the window?

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

Such is my motto for the rest of the year I have decided.  Not an easy thing, but I hate living paycheck to paycheck just barely sort of clinging on.

For the rest of June we will be eating lots of beans, rice, potatoes and eggs.  And canned green beans, cause we have plenty of those in our food storage.  :)

Today I discovered my pants had a tear in the butt.  it was about five inches long.  And first I was sad.  And on facebook everyone, but one person, was like go buy a new pair to which I laughed in my head and said, sure if the bills and tithing were paid and we didn't have to have money set aside for Mr. Man's Ragnar on Thursday.  The one person who didn't say buy a new pair is a sewing friend, who is also a single mom, and so she knows all about having to make ends meet.  And she offered her suggestion on how to mend it.  And while I didn't have a heavy duty patch, I did have navy blue velveteen.  So I followed her advise, using the velveteen as my heavy duty patch, got stabbed a bit since I had to pin it in place at first, as it didn't have the adhesive patches have, but it worked, and now I'm out of my pajamas and in jeans again.  I'll wash my other pair today...

But now I need to look through my patterns and find ME patterns so I can make me some shorts for summer....just lounge shorts, as hanging out in my flannel pjs this morning was not exactly comfortable.

Oh, and the sink isn't draining, and we tried to clear it with pressure...but that didn't work.  SO at least the dishwasher is clean so I can use it for drying the dishes that I am hand washing.  with the exception of if too much from the sink drains down into the dishwasher.  I think I'll have Mr. Man disconnect it to keep that from happening....such joys.

At least we have a working car again!  My in-laws left for the Philippines this morning, and we now have their Durango.

And now I'm going to go hang dry some more laundry before washing up the lunch dishes.  If I wash after every meal I stay on top of it ever so much better....

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I avoid ebay these days.  It's just too easy to lose track of time and money when bidding on things that are a great deal.  Great deals add up.  I haven't bid in months and months because well, we don't have money and we don't need anything.  But occasionally I do hop on ebay to look for things.  And ideas.  But mainly what I look at is vintage dresses.  I have this strange desire to dress Mischief in only vintage clothes. When she goes to elementary school, I want her to look like she has stepped out of a Eloise Wilkins book.  I had this desire with Drama Queen too, but it never happened.  I have a year and a few months before Mischief heads off to Kindy-garden, so that's enough time, right?  Only trouble is I don't have a particular era I want to focus on....Any thing from secret garden time period (i'm too lazy to look up years right now) to the 1970s....but I think mainly focusing on the 1930s to 1950s.....And Mischief is supportive of it because she loves dresses.  To the point that she will only wear her nightgowns to bed.  And she loves Shirley Temple.  And the ooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllldddddddd Disney classics.

And I have to stop this thought to deal with Sunshine who is grumpy after getting up at 5:30.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tasting the harvest

Today we picked a little from the garden. Cabbage flowers, radishes, and garden peas.
Mischief and Hazel tried their radishes. 
They were not impressed.
 The rest they enjoyed. 
Glad that the cabbage flowers are yummy since the cabbages bolted before even starting a head.

Truth is...

Truth is.....we are all impatiently awaiting 10am to arrive so we can walk to play group at the park.

Truth is....I should be getting together a picnic lunch for us, but I'm not....instead I'm making a knock off of Dear Lillie's Jesus loves me sign.  Their blog post on the new chalkboard sign said, "one I designed on the computer a little white ago. Because these are not hand-drawn the prices on them are lower."  and my head said, "huh.  I can do that.  So here is the link to their version, which is $12.95 for an 8x10, not including shipping:
And here is my version done at
I also made a version with a grey-er background.  If you want a copy, let me know.  Or go make your own....

Truth is....Mischief is having issues with waiting so I told her to find her socks and shoes and now she's having issues because the sock basket is tucked beside the couch and she is too tired to reach it....until I told her if she's too tired to pull it out she's too tired to play at a park.

Truth is...Sunshine is still in pajamas.

Truth is....I love 70s music. But not the bee-gees.

Truth is....I also should hang laundry before we go.

Truth is...I don't even want to move, but I do want adult interaction and I want to get to know the gals at church better, so I'm cutting this short because I have lots to do in just 20 minutes....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Way to be a kid

On Monday, Drama queen headed off on her summer adventure.  She was excited and impatient for it, until the morning of.  And then she was in tears.  And Sunshine was beyond hysterical - wailing and sobbing and screaming "MINE!  MY Mah-yah!"
 But she climbed in the car with her cousins and put on a brave face.  These are the last pictures you'll see of her until the end of July unless my sister takes some of her and sends them to me....

Today I decided to make use of the large expanse of dirt that normally spends this time of year growing tomatoes and squash...and turn it into a fairy meadow<--click that to go to the seed packet info page.

First we broke up most of the dirt clods and smoothed out the area.  Then Mischief watered it down.

 Mischief was delighted to discover she was making "lakes".  And those lakes required playing in.

 Then we scattered seeds all over.
 We being Mischief and I, as this child had only one thing in mind....
 Then we raked the seeds in.

 And I captured a few pictures for my Tuesday night photography class.  We're supposed to get 10 shots with a focused subject matter and blurred background
 and ten where the background is in focus.
 And while I did that, and watered down the dirt again...this is what Sunshine was up to....

Apparently her arms and shirt needed a nice mud mask.  I'm sure it felt fabulous.  And the fact that playing in mud gets followed by a bath?  Makes it all the better to her!

Only trouble with planting flowers this way is that I can't weed....cause I dont' know what is going to be a weed and what is going to be a flower we I'll pull the 4 weeds I can recognize from constant pulling, at least as much as I can without having to go in the garden...  I'll update on this experiment in 5 to 10 days as that's the time frame it is supposed to take for these seeds to sprout.