Sorry for the silence this week.  We discovered we have mice and have been trying to deal with that...I caught one in the vacuum, but we are fairly certain there are more, Mischief was up late last night due to having taken a nap and she says she saw one run from under the kitchen table to behind the entertainment center.  Joy.  Mr. Man will be assigned to go get more traps and some steel wool.  I caught the first mouse, he gets to deal with the rest, live or dead.  (I had him take the one I caught up to the canyon).

In other news, Mr. Man told me it is time to dye my hair again.  This after he made me hold still to get something out of my hair, that something was a pure white piece of hair.  I smacked his hand when he reached to pluck out another.

I got sunburnt today.  We had a yard sale.  Not sure the sunburn is worth the mere $32 we made.  Savers is getting a huge haul today.


Juli said…
Mr. Chewey takes care of any mice that may be brave enough to enter this house. Love that you set the one you caught free. Funny story, my uncle had a mouse that they caught and would let go down the street. After a while they kept catching what they thought was the same mouse... they spray painted it's tail orange. Yip. Same mouse. He went camping with them in NH... never saw him again.

I colored last night... the gray was out of control. Then I slept with curlers in my hair. Sexy. :)
Laurel said…
We had a mouse once. At first I had David use the trap that closes on the mouse b/c I didn't want to have to see the dead mouse. It didn't work though, so after a few days we got the snappy cartoon kind. That did the trick the very first night. Then David decided to show me the dead mouse. It was sad b/c it was very cute, but I was glad it was dead.

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