The Wasatch Back Ragnar

Mr. Man has been interested in participating in a Ragnar for a while. When his cousin wasn't able to do it after all, Mr. Man happily said yes, he would fill the vacancy.

A Ragnar is a team relay race. The Wasatch Back event covers the 198 miles from Logan to Park City in Utah. Each regular team has 12 people on it, each doing three "legs" of the journey. Mr. Man was van 2 runner 11. One of the hardest positions. 

So on this past Thursday, we took Mr Man up to his meeting place. Sunshine was not impressed that we left daddy behind. 

Then the next afternoon we headed out to Park City to watch his team come in. It took them a bit over 33 hours to complete, quite impressive to me!  That is some rugged terrain they go through!

     Sunshine was pleased to have her daddy back. And liked his medal too.

He is looking forward to putting his name out at the runners store next year in hopes of snagging a spot on a team again.  And now he is confident to try a half marathon as his foot didn't act up at all despite the strenuous climbs he had to do.  His latest ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston (okay it's been his goal for over a year now....)
Fun adventure!  And now we know we like how pretty Park City is (it was my first time there) and we both LOVED Heber....too bad I don't like snow!


Jamie Hatch said…
yeah Jordan! Congratulations!
Juli said…
They do a Ragnar run here as well, it's a double qualifier. It's amazing to me to see all the runners (of all levels) that compete. While I have no desire to do one, the appeal of an 11 or 12 spot makes it doable if I ever change my mind.

And if he ever does make it to Boston, you MUST tell me. I'll meet 'yall at the finish line. (not after running it, that's just plain crazy... I have walked the course THREE times when i was MUCH younger... heart break hill is appropriately named.)

Off to the treadmill... can't afford another sunburn. Enjoy your Sunday!
Juli said…
Oh... and the vans are always the best... we have an all girl team that plays on the "you just got passed by a girl" and another team that happily toasts "Run like you stole something".

They crack me up.

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