Truth is...

Truth is.....we are all impatiently awaiting 10am to arrive so we can walk to play group at the park.

Truth is....I should be getting together a picnic lunch for us, but I'm not....instead I'm making a knock off of Dear Lillie's Jesus loves me sign.  Their blog post on the new chalkboard sign said, "one I designed on the computer a little white ago. Because these are not hand-drawn the prices on them are lower."  and my head said, "huh.  I can do that.  So here is the link to their version, which is $12.95 for an 8x10, not including shipping:
And here is my version done at
I also made a version with a grey-er background.  If you want a copy, let me know.  Or go make your own....

Truth is....Mischief is having issues with waiting so I told her to find her socks and shoes and now she's having issues because the sock basket is tucked beside the couch and she is too tired to reach it....until I told her if she's too tired to pull it out she's too tired to play at a park.

Truth is...Sunshine is still in pajamas.

Truth is....I love 70s music. But not the bee-gees.

Truth is....I also should hang laundry before we go.

Truth is...I don't even want to move, but I do want adult interaction and I want to get to know the gals at church better, so I'm cutting this short because I have lots to do in just 20 minutes....


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