I avoid ebay these days.  It's just too easy to lose track of time and money when bidding on things that are a great deal.  Great deals add up.  I haven't bid in months and months because well, we don't have money and we don't need anything.  But occasionally I do hop on ebay to look for things.  And ideas.  But mainly what I look at is vintage dresses.  I have this strange desire to dress Mischief in only vintage clothes. When she goes to elementary school, I want her to look like she has stepped out of a Eloise Wilkins book.  I had this desire with Drama Queen too, but it never happened.  I have a year and a few months before Mischief heads off to Kindy-garden, so that's enough time, right?  Only trouble is I don't have a particular era I want to focus on....Any thing from secret garden time period (i'm too lazy to look up years right now) to the 1970s....but I think mainly focusing on the 1930s to 1950s.....And Mischief is supportive of it because she loves dresses.  To the point that she will only wear her nightgowns to bed.  And she loves Shirley Temple.  And the ooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllldddddddd Disney classics.

And I have to stop this thought to deal with Sunshine who is grumpy after getting up at 5:30.


Just me. said…
Just sew her some.

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