Way to be a kid

On Monday, Drama queen headed off on her summer adventure.  She was excited and impatient for it, until the morning of.  And then she was in tears.  And Sunshine was beyond hysterical - wailing and sobbing and screaming "MINE!  MY Mah-yah!"
 But she climbed in the car with her cousins and put on a brave face.  These are the last pictures you'll see of her until the end of July unless my sister takes some of her and sends them to me....

Today I decided to make use of the large expanse of dirt that normally spends this time of year growing tomatoes and squash...and turn it into a fairy meadow<--click that to go to the seed packet info page.

First we broke up most of the dirt clods and smoothed out the area.  Then Mischief watered it down.

 Mischief was delighted to discover she was making "lakes".  And those lakes required playing in.

 Then we scattered seeds all over.
 We being Mischief and I, as this child had only one thing in mind....
 Then we raked the seeds in.

 And I captured a few pictures for my Tuesday night photography class.  We're supposed to get 10 shots with a focused subject matter and blurred background
 and ten where the background is in focus.
 And while I did that, and watered down the dirt again...this is what Sunshine was up to....

Apparently her arms and shirt needed a nice mud mask.  I'm sure it felt fabulous.  And the fact that playing in mud gets followed by a bath?  Makes it all the better to her!

Only trouble with planting flowers this way is that I can't weed....cause I dont' know what is going to be a weed and what is going to be a flower we planted....so I'll pull the 4 weeds I can recognize from constant pulling, at least as much as I can without having to go in the garden...  I'll update on this experiment in 5 to 10 days as that's the time frame it is supposed to take for these seeds to sprout.


Juli said…
Youngest went on an overnight camp out with boy scouts a few weeks ago. It was like I had lost my right arm.


Can't imagine what it would be like without one of them for a month. But I'm sure she will have an awesome time! :)

I really wish I could photograph like you... maybe someday I'll take a class.
sleepless said…
At least she is not one of those kids who freak at the smallest dirt smudge !!! That is GREAT that you are taking a photography class..to supplement your "gift" Thanks for sharing great photos !!
Emily said…
What photography class are you taking? I just got a Rebel around last Thanksgiving, but need to take the time to really get to know how to use it. I'm in Davis County and should find something local.
Abigail said…
I'm taking a beginning photography class through the community education program at utah valley university. Perhaps one of the colleges up by you has public classes too. I too use a rebel :)

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