Weekend of family - Friday

Aunt Shannon and her kids and Namma and Boppa came out for the weekend.  They came for the blessing of my eldest brother's youngest child.  We have been on the go go go!  My brother's house was the main gathering place.
Mischief loves holding baby J!

Sunshine was intrigued by the little guy and always very concerned if he didn't have his pacifier.
Baby J loved listening to Namma talk to him.
Namma getting a picture of her oldest with his youngest.
Sunshine LOVES smartphones...
Drama Queen is thrilled that she will be going home with Aunt Shannon! She gets to have a fun filled summer in California.
Did I mention he loves Namma talking to him?

 Friday afternoon we went to a local splashpad.  It was my girls first time visiting a splashpad and they loved it.  Well, the younger two loved it by the end...


Juli said…
I loved splash pads for the kids when they were younger. No fear of drowning and all the fun of water play. :)
Laurel said…
Looks like lots of family fun!

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