where's the window?

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

Such is my motto for the rest of the year I have decided.  Not an easy thing, but I hate living paycheck to paycheck just barely sort of clinging on.

For the rest of June we will be eating lots of beans, rice, potatoes and eggs.  And canned green beans, cause we have plenty of those in our food storage.  :)

Today I discovered my pants had a tear in the butt.  it was about five inches long.  And first I was sad.  And on facebook everyone, but one person, was like go buy a new pair to which I laughed in my head and said, sure if the bills and tithing were paid and we didn't have to have money set aside for Mr. Man's Ragnar on Thursday.  The one person who didn't say buy a new pair is a sewing friend, who is also a single mom, and so she knows all about having to make ends meet.  And she offered her suggestion on how to mend it.  And while I didn't have a heavy duty patch, I did have navy blue velveteen.  So I followed her advise, using the velveteen as my heavy duty patch, got stabbed a bit since I had to pin it in place at first, as it didn't have the adhesive patches have, but it worked, and now I'm out of my pajamas and in jeans again.  I'll wash my other pair today...

But now I need to look through my patterns and find ME patterns so I can make me some shorts for summer....just lounge shorts, as hanging out in my flannel pjs this morning was not exactly comfortable.

Oh, and the sink isn't draining, and we tried to clear it with pressure...but that didn't work.  SO at least the dishwasher is clean so I can use it for drying the dishes that I am hand washing.  with the exception of if too much from the sink drains down into the dishwasher.  I think I'll have Mr. Man disconnect it to keep that from happening....such joys.

At least we have a working car again!  My in-laws left for the Philippines this morning, and we now have their Durango.

And now I'm going to go hang dry some more laundry before washing up the lunch dishes.  If I wash after every meal I stay on top of it ever so much better....


Juli said…
I am also scaling back. Big time. I paid off the loan I took out 3 years ago (25K) in April, then in May we went to Hershey Park. Although it was already paid for (in cash) back at Christmas, I still did a wee bit too much spending than I had planned.

I think I have $22 until Friday. *sigh* It's feast or phamen here, by the end of the month I'll be fine. But like you, the financial noose is really an uncomfortable feeling.

If it makes you feel any better, I've lost 25 pounds since last summer. I'm still wearing my last year's shorts... with a belt. :)
Laurel said…
We went through a time where we ate up all of our food storage, did lots of baking and I made any new clothes that we needed out of my stash, including Halloween costumes and Christmas dresses. It was very hard, but it was wonderful in a way b/c we were all so creative! Necessity is the mother of invention. The Halloween costumes I made that year (mostly out of old t-shirts) are still probably my favorites (Wordgirl & Captain Huggy Face). Have fun!

I need to make myself some new skirts for summer!

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