Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The trailer park manager finally told me to get rid of the jungle. She has been busy down at the owner's other property which is about twice the size of this trailer park and was being poorly managed. 

With all the grass and bindweed out(I did convince her that the purslane could stay because it is edible, and little else edible is growing. Her garden is not producing, so she understood) there is lots of lovely squishy mud when wet. First the girls played with fairy toys in the lakes and rivers created by the sprinkler water, when that finally absorbed they dared to investigate the mud. I say dared because DQ was very unsure about it and was surprised I wasn't stopping them.   The rinsed themselves off in the sprinkler when they'd had enough. 

Great Grandma

I am happy that my older girls have afew memories   with my grandma. She is their last living great grandparent and every time we get to see her is precious.

I don't know where my pictures of them and grandma are from the last two years, so I am putting these here!  I will post about the family reunion another time. 


An old friend came to visit last week. It was wonderful to have her over. The girls absolutely loved her.  Thanks for fitting us in to your trip Leann!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yesterday Mischief was oh-so-confused as to what holiday it was.  Yes, that's right, didn't you know July 24th is a holiday?  Yes, It is in fact a state holiday here in Utah.  Pioneer Day.  City Centers close, and the size of the parades rival that of the 4th of July parades.

Not having a car to travel up or down to the big parades, we watched the Salt Lake parade on tv - yes that's right it even has full tv coverage, kinda like the Rose Parade in California.
Mischief's first confusion came when Brooke, the tv gal, talked to Santa who was sitting and watching the parade for their brief discussion.  Really he's on the parade committee.  He wore a red and white striped shirt and red pants....Mischief was positive then that Santa was going to come that night.

Crisis averted.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday afternoon she and Drama Queen went down to the park to play.  When they returned Mischief excitedly informed me that we could go trick or treating when it got dark, because it was Halloween.  How did she know?  She showed me she had a yellow leaf.  That's right.  She proclaimed it to be fall and therefore Halloween and we needed to go trick-or-treating.  No matter how many times we told her and showed her and explained to her it was still the middle of summer and 3 months away from Halloween, the child was in tears when we didn't go trick-or-treating after dinner.  I pondered humoring her and going to a few houses, but realized that she would then think we could do it every night.  Not happening.

Instead we nailed down what her Halloween costume would be. She's been saying for over a month that she wants to be a witch for Halloween, and she finally identified what her witch costume should look like.  And I fully support it.  It will be easy for the most part...

Drama Queen wants to be a sheet-with-holes-cut-out ghost.  

And I decided that Hazel will be a clown with this pattern:

I am all for vintage-y costumes.  

And I totally stole those pictures, I took none of them and know not who truly deserves credit for them.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Clean house

My house is Sooo clean.  It really looks fabulous.  Granted everything that is hidden away in DQ's room will get pulled out tomorrow in anticipation of her arrival home, and then the house won't be so fabulously clean and usable.  And company friendly.  It got cleaned because I had a Lia Sophia party, and if you'd like to order something, please do, otherwise I won't be getting anything, lol.  One order does not free jewelry get me.  Though it does at least make it somewhat worth while for my consultant Laura, who is fabulous.

To order online, Go to the website, http://www.liasophia.com/laurarobinson

Near the top right hand side of the page click on 'Browse Our Jewelry'. Then in the box that says 'Look up Your Hostess' and enter my name, Abigail, and click 'Go'. My name and party close date will appear, click on it
It will now say 'Your Hostess: Abigail *********'
Now shop and my party will get credit for your purchases!

Party will likely close on Sunday.  

I took pictures after the party so I can always remember what my house looks like clean.  And to show that I finally have pictures on the walls again.  Including wedding pictures....we've never had wedding pictures up before.  :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A few weeks ago I though I broke my toe as it had gotten slammed into something and still hadnt stopped hurting. Today it got whacked again. It hurts even more now and has a bump that doesnt exist on my other pinkie toe and hadnt been there before. Oh joy, right?  Guess I'd better start wearing shoes while I am awake so it can better work on healing. :( 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunshine's 2nd birthday

Sunshine is officially 2 years old!  She's had the attitude to go with it for a while though.  On Friday we went present shopping and this got deemed her birthday hat after she randomly picked it up, put it on, and started "raor"ing....

Over the last month she has started talking more and more, tries hard to sing along when we sing anything, and can identify most of her body parts.

Namma sent this BEAUTIFUL dress for her birthday.

After church we opened presents, which daddy wrapped last night...and used super glue because he couldn't find tape.  It actually worked out quite well.
Lacing shapes
And her favorite because she recognized what it was before she got it out of the wrapping....marshmallows.
a wooden puzzle

She kept saying "choo-choo"

Happy birthday little one!  You are truly our Sunshine!

I decided to skip the cake and just go with frosting since that is all they'd eat anyway. 

She didnt get the whole blowing out the candles so daddy ended up doing it for her

Ya....I was lazy and used a tub if frosting. Obviously not so yummy as homemade.