Big blessings

Farewell to the washer passed on to us as newlyweds from some friends in our first ward. And to the dryer I got off freecycle during the first year or two of marriage.  They led good long useful lives. 

A wonderful woman in the ward's father passed on recently and she kindly asked if we would be interested in his washer and dryer. Yes please!  So now we have a matching set. And laundry should be done much more quickly as I can only wash as many loads as I have space to hang dry right now.  And perhaps this washer wont sound like it is about to die. 

Now if only the car would start so Jordan could get it out of the Macey's parking lot.....


sleepless said…
What an awesome blessing !!! Thank you kind lady in the ward !!! Now I can stop worrying about that one !

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