DQ is beach camping

My mother and father (otherwise called Namma and Boppa) went to visit my sister and her family at their camping spot on the beach.  My mom took these pictures.  Poor DQ looks SOoooooooooooo sunburnt.  She doesn't usually burn much.  I'm sure Mischief and Sunshine would be sunburnt if I let them go outside after 9am.  But since I didn't even buy any sunscreen this year, my poor little ones have not got to run free.  Unlike their big sister who must be having so much fun!


sleepless said…
Where Matt's socks usually are = bright neon red !!! Shannon tried to keep sunscreen on everyone.... No more photos from me as I won't see her now..but it was fun sharing when I could !
Laurel said…
Where did they go? Somewhere in No CA? or did they drive down? It looks a lot like the place we went to last summer.

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