Michael McLean

Michael McKean is an amazing song writer in the LDS community. I grew up listening to and loving his music. He did a free concert at our city park in June. It was as fabulous as I hoped even with us getting rained on. The girls were total troopers for mommy who anticipated an overwhelming turn out, this being a highly LDS community, and went to reserve front row seats 3 hours before performance time. 
Apparently I am just crazy and people didn't start coming until about 20 minutes before. 

Being at the park so long meant lots of playing for the girls, and a set up check sighting where mommy said, huh. He just looks like a normal person!  That is Michael McLean in the jeans. 

Some froends sat by us and brought is popcorn and some drawing boards for the girls
This gal singing is the lead in Brother McLean's latest musical show Threads. She has a great voice. 
He opened the concert with my favorite of his songs, From My Heart to Yours. 

It was a very worthwhile activity!  
Wiggly Warren helped take this picture:


Laurel said…
How fun! I've seen him a couple of times at Time Out For Women, he always reminds me of Papa Morphis.
sleepless said…
How cool ..glad it was a good activity !!

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