Sunshine's 2nd birthday

Sunshine is officially 2 years old!  She's had the attitude to go with it for a while though.  On Friday we went present shopping and this got deemed her birthday hat after she randomly picked it up, put it on, and started "raor"ing....

Over the last month she has started talking more and more, tries hard to sing along when we sing anything, and can identify most of her body parts.

Namma sent this BEAUTIFUL dress for her birthday.

After church we opened presents, which daddy wrapped last night...and used super glue because he couldn't find tape.  It actually worked out quite well.
Lacing shapes
And her favorite because she recognized what it was before she got it out of the wrapping....marshmallows.
a wooden puzzle

She kept saying "choo-choo"

Happy birthday little one!  You are truly our Sunshine!

I decided to skip the cake and just go with frosting since that is all they'd eat anyway. 

She didnt get the whole blowing out the candles so daddy ended up doing it for her

Ya....I was lazy and used a tub if frosting. Obviously not so yummy as homemade. 


sleepless said…
I LOVE funfetti frosting on graham crackers !! Thanks for sharing the cute photos...thanks for wrapping the gifts I sent unwrapped !
Juli said…
I LOVE that you just went with frosting! Course, I am also the one that stress eats it straight out of the can! :(

Can't believe it's been two years, seems like yesterday I was seeing your ultra sound pics!
Katie Bell said…
I don't know who Namma is, but maybe she could get me a dress like that too....Labor Day is coming up, after all.
Laurel said…
Happy Birthday Sunshine!

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