Yesterday Mischief was oh-so-confused as to what holiday it was.  Yes, that's right, didn't you know July 24th is a holiday?  Yes, It is in fact a state holiday here in Utah.  Pioneer Day.  City Centers close, and the size of the parades rival that of the 4th of July parades.

Not having a car to travel up or down to the big parades, we watched the Salt Lake parade on tv - yes that's right it even has full tv coverage, kinda like the Rose Parade in California.
Mischief's first confusion came when Brooke, the tv gal, talked to Santa who was sitting and watching the parade for their brief discussion.  Really he's on the parade committee.  He wore a red and white striped shirt and red pants....Mischief was positive then that Santa was going to come that night.

Crisis averted.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday afternoon she and Drama Queen went down to the park to play.  When they returned Mischief excitedly informed me that we could go trick or treating when it got dark, because it was Halloween.  How did she know?  She showed me she had a yellow leaf.  That's right.  She proclaimed it to be fall and therefore Halloween and we needed to go trick-or-treating.  No matter how many times we told her and showed her and explained to her it was still the middle of summer and 3 months away from Halloween, the child was in tears when we didn't go trick-or-treating after dinner.  I pondered humoring her and going to a few houses, but realized that she would then think we could do it every night.  Not happening.

Instead we nailed down what her Halloween costume would be. She's been saying for over a month that she wants to be a witch for Halloween, and she finally identified what her witch costume should look like.  And I fully support it.  It will be easy for the most part...

Drama Queen wants to be a sheet-with-holes-cut-out ghost.  

And I decided that Hazel will be a clown with this pattern:

I am all for vintage-y costumes.  

And I totally stole those pictures, I took none of them and know not who truly deserves credit for them.


Juli said…
You are so much better than me. I buy them three bags of candy each (Their choice) and we stay home. We don't live in the best neighborhood for trick or treating and with the gluten issue, I can ensure he gets safe candy to eat. PLUS I'm no longer spending time and cash (I don't have) on costumes that get covered in winter coats. :)
sleepless said…
It sounds fun to me !!..I understand her confusion...she thinks she has things figured out in this strange world and ZAP..not ! so tricky !

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