Tuesday, August 27, 2013


One child did two paintings and asked to paint when she got home from school. One said the picture was for a sister and was sad the sister wouldn't reciprocate with her own painting. Color is totally off in all of these. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A story about hair

One day, two weeks ago, Mr. Man informed me I was pre-maturely going grey. Not even thirty yet!  He even offered to pick up the dye for me to dye my hair. So we looked at dye colors and agreed he would bring home a nice light auburn dye from work. Something natural and similar to the usual shade I have dyed it.

Instead he brings home a box that declares itself to be ruby red and has this warning: 

But he was so certain it would be fabulous that I went along with it. 

Before, trusting yet uncertain wife:

During, like I have coated my hair in jello:

The horror that was the aftermath:
The picture doesn't even do it justice. So I tried to find something to convey what I was actually seeing. 

So he comes home from work....and eventually apologizes and says..."it wasn't  supposed to look purple."  That's right folks, it was such a deep, yet bright, shade of red that it was really a purple-ish pink color.

 Apparently he was going for this:

Not quite there.
And besides, wouldn't you say Sorsha's hair is a bit more LIGHT AUBURN?!

It was one of those instances that you hope to wake up and find it was just a silly dream. But no. The light of day made it's true color show. 

For the record, Drama Queen LOVED it. 

Really it's true color was difficult to capture.

And so I washed it. Repeatedly hoping to fade it enough to be tolerable.

Well.......it lightened a little bit. My roots were totally noticeable.

Many people told me it looked great, but it was not what I wanted. There was nothing natural about it and I really kind of felt like a freak. 

And so I ignored it for two weeks trying to decide what to do.
Dye over it?
Go to a salon and have someone fix it?  Try to strip it?

Well, I decided to strip it when I saw Color Oops was on sale at Walgreens.

 I made Mr. Man help. 

First I brushed out the tangles and discovered it had faded to a pinky orange everywhere below my roots (my roots being about 4 inches long as I went like a year without dyeing). 

I am not a long shower person...but you know I wanted this color out by the fact that I had to shampoo then rinse for 20 minutes, followed by another shampoo and 5 minute rinse. I was water logged and bored, but........Color Oops is MAGIC!  Gone gone gone was the hideous color. 

It is fantastic. I have never been so happy to have my blah brown back!  And the greys!  I will re-dye in a week, with a color   I choose. Some heavy conditioning will be going on before then because my hair is on the verge of feeling like straw. 

And Mr. Man is not allowed to buy my hair dye ever again. 

Totally reminded me of the time, during our first year of marriage, I sent him to the grocery store with a specific list, one of the items was "whole fruit strawberry popsicles". And he came back with a pint of strawberries and said he didn't get popsicles because he didn't know what kind I wanted....

I love that guy. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mommy's memories - Uncle Frank

Okay, so I have an extremely bad memory.  I mean bad bad bad.  I used to be proud of my ability to remember things.  Don't ever have PPD and the stupid decisions and thoughts of desperation that come with it.

Anyway.  When I remember random things I'm trying to write it down.

Today my Aunt Mary brought me some soda left at her house after her kids visited for the family reunion, some of which was a  big box of diet pepsi which reminded me of Uncle Frank.

Uncle Frank was not actually a relative of ours, but we all loved him like he was family.  He was the grocery man.  He would go in the early mornings to grocery stores and get all the expired stuff that the stores would be tossing out.  I am living proof that expiration dates are just a suggestion.  :)

Anyway, once Uncle Frank gave us a box of caffiene free diet pepsi.  Soda was not something we bought in my house so I was ecstatic.  I think my brother liked it to.  for a while at least.  Except for an occasional can being drunk every so often, that box of pop sat in the garage for YEARS.  I remember re-discovering it and there were still three or four cans left.  I have never had a flatter soda!

Uncle Frank lived in a little house behind a different house.  We tended to visit him when we visited Grandma Meservy.  I loved seeing what fun things he'd have each time.  I always felt like he saved special things for me.  Like lunchables.
I remember standing next to him while he'd sit on a bucket and dig through a fridge in the garage pulling out what things our family would get, feeling so excited with everything that was to come home with us.

Eventually he moved out to the desert where he lived in a little house behind his son's house.  This is where I discovered he had a wife, hahahaha.  I don't recall ever meeting her before that.  She had dementia.  When we visted him there it was purely just to visit this man that we all loved.  He'd show us around his son's property we'd visit with the horses there and I remember eating kumquats off of trees there.  Sometimes he'd grab stuff from his son's trash for us.  They had no concept of thrift stores and would just throw really great stuff away.  In black bags, so it's not like it was mixed in with garbage.  Sometimes they'd even throw away purses full of stuff - including cash.

And that's all I remember right now.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A first!!

Is it sad that this delights me so?

Drama Queen was not impressed with my reaction. I think she expected me to tell her to not do it again. But instead, I cheered and praised her.

Cause going all the way across on the monkey bars is TOTALLY worth celebrating!  

And she didnt quite believe me that these are a badge of honor. (Sorry, they are a day old already)

And then we talked about how she needs to get more so her hands will build up calluses. 

Then she decided to end the day by asking why we have belly buttons. 
Which lead to her asking how babies get inside mommies. 
After that, she informed me she didn't think the world was ever going to come to an end. 

Children are an adventure. Something new and amusing and awkward and horrifying is always around the corner. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2nd Grade

I can't believe I have a 2nd grader!

I actually whipped up a first day of school outfit for Drama Queen, I was worried she wouldn't like the top because it is NOT pink and purple, but she liked it and Sunshine was in awe that there were airplanes.

Hurray for a great new school year!

Friday, August 16, 2013


We all have cabin fever. So right now we are hanging out at the playground with the neighbor kids and their friends, then we will head home to try out the wii games we just borrowed from the Redbox. 

There is just a point where even the kids are tired of being in the same situation all the time. Oh for a month when nothing breaks, with no unpleasant surprises, where all the bills get paid on time in full, we eat well on groceries we purchased ourselves, and can occasionally head off on adventures even if it is just a night of camping or a picnic at a new park!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Didn't need that anyway

Remember that toe I seemed to keep breaking?  I whacked it again real bad last week...at the pool yesterday I noticed something strange when swimming and discovered that sad little toe is no longer responding in it's full range of motion...

And I am pretty sure this will be the last pictures I ever post of my feet, I am sure you will be relieved to know. 

There comes a point in your life where the inside you stops aging along with your body.  I know that sounds weird.  Whether you call it a spirit or a soul or just you, I'm refering to the person you talk to in your head when you're alone, or while you're typing up a blog post, or when you're just trying to figure out where you stand on something or what to do with life.  For me, the inside me is me, and this body is a temporary trial.  hahaha.

Anyway, I realized finally last night why I have such a hard time figuring out what to call people.  Last night I went to the salad and dessert Relief Society social.  The Relief Society is the women's organization for our church, if you're an adult woman in The Church (of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) the you're automatically part of the Relief Society.  We have a gospel lesson on Sundays, we make sure to visit with each other at least once a month, we help provide compassionate service for those who need it.  Another church thing is that we in The Church call each other Brother and Sister as a reflection on the fact that we ARE all brothers and sisters due to God being our Father.  Anyway, this isn't a religious post.  Just trying to give a preface.
So as a child, I grew up calling adult women Sister "insert-last-name-here" and the men were Brother "insert-last-name-here"  unless I was really close to them and then I tended to use their first name instead of last name in that.  Very few people in that case.
Then I grew up.  Until we moved here, I had no problem continuing with that way of addressing people.  We moved around so much that I was never really comfortable or at home in whatever ward we were in, except when we lived with my parents and that was the ward I grew up in so I called people as I called them when I was growing up.
Four years ago we moved here to use the charity of my brother and live in his trailer...a temporary thing you know, maybe five years tops....(I still say we'll be here for five years....but that's five years from now...)
I like our ward.  It is indeed a ward family.  I have come to realize that I am the only one who calls the other adults...brother or sister....they just use first names.  Like friends.  And I've been trying to figure out why I still do it, I can't hardly bring myself to call the Relief Society President "Chris" or my visiting teachers by their first names either.  And last  night at the Relief Society Social I realized, as I was learning the names of Rhoda and Francis who could be my grandmothers, that it is because my inside age is in my early to mid teens.  I've been making strides to not be stuck there..., but it makes it hard to see it as respectful to call a woman older than me by her first name.  While they see me as an adult and a wife and a mother and therefore an equal, I am stuck here....a place where in the last three years I finally got this erased as the way I see myself,

and the moments of "when are their parents going to come home/pick them up" have lessened (yes, regarding my own children, my head forgets sometimes).  So there is another thing I have to age myself out of.  I am an adult.  Just like them.  Just got to figure out how to not feel like I'm being disrespectful!

And yes I know this post is totally random.

What age do you think you are at?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yesterday I moaned and groaned about how dull ans boring and unmotivated life has been lately. I had no desire to do much of anything. My great achievement yesterday was getting dressed and feeding the kids two meals.  

I wanted something different. 
I lamented the fact that I dont even wake up with a desire to be productive. I go through the motions. The thought of more effort is horrifying, to be honest. 

But I needed a change. 
So before I went to bed, I programmed my phone to give me orders every hour and told  myself that I had to spend at least five minutes doing that thing. 

I slept theough the first two alerts. Dishes. Pick up tv room. 
Mischief had actually slept in until 7 when DQ gets up so DQ got the tv on for her. Sunshine slept poorly last night and so too did I as mom. She was in my bed and I chose to stay in bed as long as I could. I got bored before long though and dragged myself up at 8 and that woke Sunshine of course. 

Then I pushed all though of I dont want to out of my head and made myself catch up with my orders. 

The day went by quickly and by the time Mr. Man came home the tv room was picked up and vacuumed, the sitting room was picked up and half vacuumed, The computer desk almost cleared off, the kitchen table cleared and it and the counters/stove top washed. The dishes were almost caught up on, the kitchen floor swept, three loads of laundry done or in process, and the playroom was nearly clean. 

In the end I can proudly say I did awesome. Not something I even think usually. But I am happy with myself and with the kids for cooperating as well. 

I have no idea what to do with tomorrow though, other than get groceries. Guess I could work on completing some more sewing   products. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Memorable moments - Sunshine talking

Tearfully, "Mommy, my ball!"  when Drama Queen wouldn't let Sunshine have a turn with her blue ball.

I was sewing and had my thread boxes out to try and pick which thread would be least conspiculous with a dress I'm making for DQ.  Sunshine came and started organizing the spools and bobbins as she like and then wanted to watch a show.  I began sorting the bobbins back into the proper places so I could close the boxes and Sunshine got MAD.  "No!  Stop.  Put back!  You stop! Put back! Put back!"  and when I didn't obey (I was laughing) she put her hand in my face and said, "You go 'way!" pointing to my room.

With big pleading eyes and a huge hopeful grin on her face - at like 7 one morning, "Outside? Outside?  Please?!"  And when I said okay, "Yay!"

She wanted to play with the tangrams so I got them out for her. She comes to me concerned shortly there after pushing the edges of two blue triangles together.  "Mom, uh oh, broke.  Blue Square need fix."  We didn't know she knew any shapes or colors yet.

She took an impromptu hour long nap 

and woke up just as we were eating dinner. I don't know if it is just because she is my baby or what but I just think she is adorable and hilarious. 

"All done."