A first!!

Is it sad that this delights me so?

Drama Queen was not impressed with my reaction. I think she expected me to tell her to not do it again. But instead, I cheered and praised her.

Cause going all the way across on the monkey bars is TOTALLY worth celebrating!  

And she didnt quite believe me that these are a badge of honor. (Sorry, they are a day old already)

And then we talked about how she needs to get more so her hands will build up calluses. 

Then she decided to end the day by asking why we have belly buttons. 
Which lead to her asking how babies get inside mommies. 
After that, she informed me she didn't think the world was ever going to come to an end. 

Children are an adventure. Something new and amusing and awkward and horrifying is always around the corner. 


Laurel said…
My kids are always asking me to tell them about the day I got my really big rip in gymnastics. My coach let me pick any sticker I wanted from the good stickers. He said that getting such a big rip meant I was working hard.
sleepless said…
I had blisters and calluses, and loved the monkey bars !

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