A story about hair

One day, two weeks ago, Mr. Man informed me I was pre-maturely going grey. Not even thirty yet!  He even offered to pick up the dye for me to dye my hair. So we looked at dye colors and agreed he would bring home a nice light auburn dye from work. Something natural and similar to the usual shade I have dyed it.

Instead he brings home a box that declares itself to be ruby red and has this warning: 

But he was so certain it would be fabulous that I went along with it. 

Before, trusting yet uncertain wife:

During, like I have coated my hair in jello:

The horror that was the aftermath:
The picture doesn't even do it justice. So I tried to find something to convey what I was actually seeing. 

So he comes home from work....and eventually apologizes and says..."it wasn't  supposed to look purple."  That's right folks, it was such a deep, yet bright, shade of red that it was really a purple-ish pink color.

 Apparently he was going for this:

Not quite there.
And besides, wouldn't you say Sorsha's hair is a bit more LIGHT AUBURN?!

It was one of those instances that you hope to wake up and find it was just a silly dream. But no. The light of day made it's true color show. 

For the record, Drama Queen LOVED it. 

Really it's true color was difficult to capture.

And so I washed it. Repeatedly hoping to fade it enough to be tolerable.

Well.......it lightened a little bit. My roots were totally noticeable.

Many people told me it looked great, but it was not what I wanted. There was nothing natural about it and I really kind of felt like a freak. 

And so I ignored it for two weeks trying to decide what to do.
Dye over it?
Go to a salon and have someone fix it?  Try to strip it?

Well, I decided to strip it when I saw Color Oops was on sale at Walgreens.

 I made Mr. Man help. 

First I brushed out the tangles and discovered it had faded to a pinky orange everywhere below my roots (my roots being about 4 inches long as I went like a year without dyeing). 

I am not a long shower person...but you know I wanted this color out by the fact that I had to shampoo then rinse for 20 minutes, followed by another shampoo and 5 minute rinse. I was water logged and bored, but........Color Oops is MAGIC!  Gone gone gone was the hideous color. 

It is fantastic. I have never been so happy to have my blah brown back!  And the greys!  I will re-dye in a week, with a color   I choose. Some heavy conditioning will be going on before then because my hair is on the verge of feeling like straw. 

And Mr. Man is not allowed to buy my hair dye ever again. 

Totally reminded me of the time, during our first year of marriage, I sent him to the grocery store with a specific list, one of the items was "whole fruit strawberry popsicles". And he came back with a pint of strawberries and said he didn't get popsicles because he didn't know what kind I wanted....

I love that guy. 


Kira =] said…
Sometimes they are clueless, but well meaning. I believe Anna's had her hair the same color you hated. As well as enough of an orange we called her "the cowardly lion" for months. =]
sleepless said…
An interesting, rather amusing chapter in your book of life !! Seriously, a lady I work with on Tuesdays keeps her hair that color...she says it puts color into her face...she is easily my age..
Just me. said…
do you have any solid coconut oil? I would use that in your hair as a conditioner. It drips as your body heat melts it, and it doesn't wash out, but it works awesomely for straw hair!
Just me. said…
It doesn't wash out of clothing or towels.
Laurel said…
I accidentally dyed my hair bright orange one time. I immediately went back to the store and dyed over it brown.

Another time I on purpose dyed it blonde, it came out awful and really brassy. David suggested I just needed to get used to it, I left it on for about 4 hours before I dyed it back.

I have never seen that Color Oops, but its good to know its out there.
Juli said…
Youngest usually picks my hair color. Thankfully he has not found that shade. :)

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