Memorable moments - Sunshine talking

Tearfully, "Mommy, my ball!"  when Drama Queen wouldn't let Sunshine have a turn with her blue ball.

I was sewing and had my thread boxes out to try and pick which thread would be least conspiculous with a dress I'm making for DQ.  Sunshine came and started organizing the spools and bobbins as she like and then wanted to watch a show.  I began sorting the bobbins back into the proper places so I could close the boxes and Sunshine got MAD.  "No!  Stop.  Put back!  You stop! Put back! Put back!"  and when I didn't obey (I was laughing) she put her hand in my face and said, "You go 'way!" pointing to my room.

With big pleading eyes and a huge hopeful grin on her face - at like 7 one morning, "Outside? Outside?  Please?!"  And when I said okay, "Yay!"

She wanted to play with the tangrams so I got them out for her. She comes to me concerned shortly there after pushing the edges of two blue triangles together.  "Mom, uh oh, broke.  Blue Square need fix."  We didn't know she knew any shapes or colors yet.

She took an impromptu hour long nap 

and woke up just as we were eating dinner. I don't know if it is just because she is my baby or what but I just think she is adorable and hilarious. 

"All done."


Juli said…
LOve it! It's great when they surprise you with how much they already know. Youngest was almost 5 and still couldn't write his letters. We went GF, he gained the muscle control in his hands to hold a crayon, and after 4 weeks he picked one up and wrote all his letters and his name. Seems he knew how to do it all along. *sigh* made me cry. :)
Katie Bell said…
It's not just you, she's adorable.
sleepless said…
She IS adorable and hilarious..and your baby ! She is absorbing learning ! middle daughter will probably have some troubles because of the "absence " issues. By the way, I had some of those absence seizures as a kid.
It's definitely not just you. She is absolutely precious! All 3 of your little ones are!!

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