Mommy's memories - Uncle Frank

Okay, so I have an extremely bad memory.  I mean bad bad bad.  I used to be proud of my ability to remember things.  Don't ever have PPD and the stupid decisions and thoughts of desperation that come with it.

Anyway.  When I remember random things I'm trying to write it down.

Today my Aunt Mary brought me some soda left at her house after her kids visited for the family reunion, some of which was a  big box of diet pepsi which reminded me of Uncle Frank.

Uncle Frank was not actually a relative of ours, but we all loved him like he was family.  He was the grocery man.  He would go in the early mornings to grocery stores and get all the expired stuff that the stores would be tossing out.  I am living proof that expiration dates are just a suggestion.  :)

Anyway, once Uncle Frank gave us a box of caffiene free diet pepsi.  Soda was not something we bought in my house so I was ecstatic.  I think my brother liked it to.  for a while at least.  Except for an occasional can being drunk every so often, that box of pop sat in the garage for YEARS.  I remember re-discovering it and there were still three or four cans left.  I have never had a flatter soda!

Uncle Frank lived in a little house behind a different house.  We tended to visit him when we visited Grandma Meservy.  I loved seeing what fun things he'd have each time.  I always felt like he saved special things for me.  Like lunchables.
I remember standing next to him while he'd sit on a bucket and dig through a fridge in the garage pulling out what things our family would get, feeling so excited with everything that was to come home with us.

Eventually he moved out to the desert where he lived in a little house behind his son's house.  This is where I discovered he had a wife, hahahaha.  I don't recall ever meeting her before that.  She had dementia.  When we visted him there it was purely just to visit this man that we all loved.  He'd show us around his son's property we'd visit with the horses there and I remember eating kumquats off of trees there.  Sometimes he'd grab stuff from his son's trash for us.  They had no concept of thrift stores and would just throw really great stuff away.  In black bags, so it's not like it was mixed in with garbage.  Sometimes they'd even throw away purses full of stuff - including cash.

And that's all I remember right now.


sleepless said…
Great idea writing down your memories NOW..before you forget even more like me !! I hope to play the locked DVDs in my head.... in Heaven !!

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