Yesterday I moaned and groaned about how dull ans boring and unmotivated life has been lately. I had no desire to do much of anything. My great achievement yesterday was getting dressed and feeding the kids two meals.  

I wanted something different. 
I lamented the fact that I dont even wake up with a desire to be productive. I go through the motions. The thought of more effort is horrifying, to be honest. 

But I needed a change. 
So before I went to bed, I programmed my phone to give me orders every hour and told  myself that I had to spend at least five minutes doing that thing. 

I slept theough the first two alerts. Dishes. Pick up tv room. 
Mischief had actually slept in until 7 when DQ gets up so DQ got the tv on for her. Sunshine slept poorly last night and so too did I as mom. She was in my bed and I chose to stay in bed as long as I could. I got bored before long though and dragged myself up at 8 and that woke Sunshine of course. 

Then I pushed all though of I dont want to out of my head and made myself catch up with my orders. 

The day went by quickly and by the time Mr. Man came home the tv room was picked up and vacuumed, the sitting room was picked up and half vacuumed, The computer desk almost cleared off, the kitchen table cleared and it and the counters/stove top washed. The dishes were almost caught up on, the kitchen floor swept, three loads of laundry done or in process, and the playroom was nearly clean. 

In the end I can proudly say I did awesome. Not something I even think usually. But I am happy with myself and with the kids for cooperating as well. 

I have no idea what to do with tomorrow though, other than get groceries. Guess I could work on completing some more sewing   products. 


What a good idea!

I'll have to try it, if I don't get my mojo back after I am done with this cold!
sleepless said…
Pat yourself on the back and "gold stars" on your chart. Every night make a list of things to do the next helps !
Laurel said…
Awesome! That's great! I hope when your husband came home he was very complimentary.
Katie Bell said…
Why are awesome days so few and far between?
Juli said…
I have been the same way lately. I find that I have to write down ONE task a day and just do it. Weather it be making a REAL dinner, catching up on the laundry, mowing the lawn... I just make sure it's done.

That way I'm not so overwhelmed that I want to crawl back into bed on my day off.
Jamie Hatch said…
wonderful! you make me almost want to get off the computer and finish clearing the dinner dishes...almost.

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