Sunday, September 29, 2013


Mr. Man and I were talking about what motivates us individually.
The conversation all started because I was on pinterest, and he equates pinterest with fitness ideas and motivation - yes, he has his own Pinterest account for such.  The conversation went something like this:
"I don't get why when I look for motivational posters, all these pictures of scantily clad women show up. That's not what I call motivation."
"But it is for women.  We are motivated by others success or, by jealous of what they've achieved and desire to do the same."
"Why?  It's not like looking at some buff guy is what makes me want to be muscular."
"Well, women do get motivated to be more attractive by seeing what they want on someone else.  It's like how watching Pretty Little Liars has made me more aware of my appearance and given me a desire to work on it again."
"So Pretty Little Liars is making you want to start exercising again?"
"Ya, pretty  much."

Really I was meaning make up and clothing and hair styling, but yes, I'd like to tone up a bit.  Yes, I have a new tv show addiction, that being Pretty Little Liars.  Which I never would have considered watching until someone told me that it's actually a mystery.  You know I love me a mystery!  And I am hooked.  It's a good show.

And yes, the cute little "high school"  (average age of the actresses is actually 23) girls are motivating me to do more than wear pajamas all day and pull my hair up.

And the other motivation from the show is the fact that my husband is just as adorable, if not more, than Mr. Fitz, so he deserves someone just as cute as Aria.  I was once cute.  I can be cute again, right?  Even if contacts lately make me want to rip my eyeballs out.  Glasses can be cute? right?

What motivates you?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Feeling chatty

Had a busy and social weekend. Had a date with Mr Man on Friday. Saw Austenland, if you haven't seen it, I say wait for redbox. Hilarious but so many awkward moments you'll cover your eyes through half of it. 
Our niece watched the girls. 

Today I went to a baby shower then we took the girls to my brother's house and Mr Man and I went to a local sushi place for a double date with a pair of his co-workers. It was delicious and enjoyable. 

Then it was home again where we did chores. The girls are getting great at cleaning their rooms. 

Sunshine eating a pepper from the garden
It gets too cold in the house if we leave the windows open all night
Ooooo bug

Elmo Mischief. At Uncle's house

Not surprised these hats are on clearance

Mr Man has started playing his guitar again
Drama Queen loves her recorder
A manic Sunshine. Weaning from naps is harder than weaning from pacifier was!  But if she naps she is up until 10...

What Drama Queen picked to buy from the reward box. Our chore/reward system is going pretty well. I will post about it in a few weeks. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Family activity Wednesday

It is so nice to have a car again so we can go up the canyon. Daddy took us hiking where he does trail running. It was perfect and the girls really wished we could camp there (no overnight camping and it is black bear country).
I am now pondering what to make for a photoshoot up there. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 Her reaction to being sprayed in the face by Mischief's splash(first black and white below).  Yep, she thought it was hilarious!

We love these brief but heavy September showers!

Sunshine, Dick and Jane style

If you haven't noticed, I'm a little obsessed with Dick and Jane.  And the 1930s-early 1960s.
Sunshine's hair was darling today so I made her sit for a few pictures.  Then had fun editing them.  Not quite illustration looking but close.  I just like how her hair curls when it's clean.  And the color it is.  And how her personality totally shines though....

Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden 2014

It's possible you'll remember my grand intentions for a magnificient garden back in March when I started a couple hundred seedlings.

Then most of those seedlings stopped growing.

Still in June I put them in the ground and a few decided to grow July or August.

So I decided I'd post about our garden because I really haven't because it's mostly sad.

The girls have loved the fresh carrots from the garden though.  We will do carrots again next year, and more than we did this year.
Surprisingly growing onions from seed was successful and somewhat rewarding if only because I was excited I grew it myself.
And parsnips are yummy so I'm growing more of those next year as well.

We ended up with two tomato plants this year.  One a volunteer in the front garden, yellow pear tomatoes:
And in the back garden the only tomato I started that survived finally decided last month to bear two tomatoes.

The pepper plants stayed quite small until the end of July and then sudden grew and there are at least six peppers out there on the plants.

The other thing that did AWESOME this year is Basil.  Though my regular basil plant died due to being in a pot that I kept forgetting to water, the thai basil and opal basil plants in the back garden had happy healthy lives (until the storm two weekends ago when the trailer two over's roof blew onto them) and I've let them blossom because the bees love love love that.  

Up front our two ground cherry plants decided to sprawl after we pulled the purslane, and the girls love looking for ripe ground cherries every morning, even though they don't ripen as fast as the girls would like.

Mostly this year, we had flowers.  Lots of Marigolds and Calendulas.  Which has delighted the girls because I have no problem with flowers being picked after the first week of enjoying them.

Our Swiss chard did fairly well.  Our beets still haven't grown much.  And our eggplant just barely put out a blossom, so we won't be having any eggplant this year either.

 Thankfully our neighbor's garden has done very well and they very kindly share with us, as well as keep my girls entertained.

Mr. Man's thing this year has been learning to smoke meat.  Right now he's got a brisket on the grill with some chunks of hickory smoking away.

Maybe next year's garden will fair better.  Thanks to some help of Mr. Man's co-workers(helped via convincing him it's a good plan), we'll be doing some raised beds for the tomatoes next year.  Now if only someone could convince him to dig up the back so I could grow some popcorn....