Feeling chatty

Had a busy and social weekend. Had a date with Mr Man on Friday. Saw Austenland, if you haven't seen it, I say wait for redbox. Hilarious but so many awkward moments you'll cover your eyes through half of it. 
Our niece watched the girls. 

Today I went to a baby shower then we took the girls to my brother's house and Mr Man and I went to a local sushi place for a double date with a pair of his co-workers. It was delicious and enjoyable. 

Then it was home again where we did chores. The girls are getting great at cleaning their rooms. 

Sunshine eating a pepper from the garden
It gets too cold in the house if we leave the windows open all night
Ooooo bug

Elmo Mischief. At Uncle's house

Not surprised these hats are on clearance

Mr Man has started playing his guitar again
Drama Queen loves her recorder
A manic Sunshine. Weaning from naps is harder than weaning from pacifier was!  But if she naps she is up until 10...

What Drama Queen picked to buy from the reward box. Our chore/reward system is going pretty well. I will post about it in a few weeks. 


sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing !! so cute...I didn't even know he played guitar..

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