Mr. Man and I were talking about what motivates us individually.
The conversation all started because I was on pinterest, and he equates pinterest with fitness ideas and motivation - yes, he has his own Pinterest account for such.  The conversation went something like this:
"I don't get why when I look for motivational posters, all these pictures of scantily clad women show up. That's not what I call motivation."
"But it is for women.  We are motivated by others success or, by jealous of what they've achieved and desire to do the same."
"Why?  It's not like looking at some buff guy is what makes me want to be muscular."
"Well, women do get motivated to be more attractive by seeing what they want on someone else.  It's like how watching Pretty Little Liars has made me more aware of my appearance and given me a desire to work on it again."
"So Pretty Little Liars is making you want to start exercising again?"
"Ya, pretty  much."

Really I was meaning make up and clothing and hair styling, but yes, I'd like to tone up a bit.  Yes, I have a new tv show addiction, that being Pretty Little Liars.  Which I never would have considered watching until someone told me that it's actually a mystery.  You know I love me a mystery!  And I am hooked.  It's a good show.

And yes, the cute little "high school"  (average age of the actresses is actually 23) girls are motivating me to do more than wear pajamas all day and pull my hair up.

And the other motivation from the show is the fact that my husband is just as adorable, if not more, than Mr. Fitz, so he deserves someone just as cute as Aria.  I was once cute.  I can be cute again, right?  Even if contacts lately make me want to rip my eyeballs out.  Glasses can be cute? right?

What motivates you?


sleepless said…
Motivation is a hard thing sometimes...for anyone ! It changes as you age and mature. It means different things to everyone I am pretty sure...Good Luck with that !!
Juli said…
I have no idea what motivates me... peanut M&Ms maybe? Sleep? Finally finishing something?

All good things. :)

And yes... glasses can be very sexy. :)

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