You can't make this stuff up....

We went out this morning to a school fundraiser car wash and then to Cabela's for wood chunks to smoke a pork roast.  Here are some of the conversations that took place....

Mischief: Dis where we going?
Me:  No, we are just turning around.
Mischief:  Why?
Me:  Daddy missed the place even though he was looking right at the girls he didn't see the signs.
Mischief:  Why?  Cause the girls were pretty?  People chase after pretty girls.

Daddy changed the radio to a country station, to which Mischief immediately said, "I like this song.  It a hunting song."

Drama Queen, "Is daddy in your bubble, Mom?"
Immediately realizing she was refering to our elbows touching on the console between the two front seats I responded, "Nope, our bubbles like each other."

Mischief: I gonna be a nice person when I grow up.  I help people.
Daddy:  The best way to do that is to start doing it now.  Be kind and help people now so you know how to when you grow up.
Mischief:  I do nice things like getting food....killing it....

Also said by Mischief on the way home from Cabela's, "When I grow up I gonna be a hunter. I'm going to shoot things.  I need a gun so I can learn how to shoot."  Me, "What are you going to shoot?"  Mischief, "deer.....foxes.....and that..uh...a skunk...."



Juli said…
Funny... I used to say that all the time to my kids... "You're in my bubble"

"Get out of my bubble."

"You're gonna pop my bubble"...
sleepless said…
Delightful..thanks for sharing !
Laurel said…
Why is Mischief so into hunting?

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