Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 Mischief loved that there were apples.  You can see there is candy too, but she picked an apple and it was the first thing she wanted to eat.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Curly Girly

Daddy loves how her hair is back to being super curly.  I am happy to have proven my point that the reason her curls weren't what they used to be was due to the weight/length of her hair.
Regardless of both, her chopped hair makes me a little sad every time I look at her.
In an attempt to quell this, we had a "Shirley Temple" photo shoot.

She hasn't any dresses of the right vintage, so we put on her vintage coat (and the matching wool pants, though those aren't visible).  We went through lots of Shirley Temple pictures and she picked the looks she wanted to try and copy.

 End result?  yes, she's back to looking cherubic.  I need to put her in very girly looking things though....

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spun Gold

The miller's daughter and Rumplestiltskin were much on my mind the last half hour as I cut what seemed like straw spun into gold. There's now a pile of golden curls sitting in front of me.
Mischief's hair has been getting long, and as much as we love ringlets, the matting was BAD.
Just a few hours after being washed and brushed, you can already see it's starting to get matted again.

As worried as I was to try and cut it myself, I just did it because it's Sunday and I'm broke, and she didn't want to deal with the tangles she had this morning (it was BAD.  really really.)

I cut it dry because I didn't want to end up with it too short.  I cut it all an inch longer than I wanted because it is going to curl up even more with the weight of the length gone.  She's quite pleased with how it turned out.
I'm so glad curls are forgiving.  I might have to trim a few spots after her next wash, but over all, I think I didn't do too bad.

Oh there you are baby Sally!

She watched Blue's Clues on youtube while I did it.


I've been doing quite a bit of sewing lately, though haven't taken really good pictures of anything, just phone pictures.  But I thought I'd share.  Sewing more was a goal of mine for this year, and I'm happy to say I've been successful at it.

I finally attached the sleeves and finished hemming this princess dress that I started making when DQ was 2.  Back before I knew that sizes didn't fit's way too wide for my slender girl.  oh well.
 Well, this isn't sewn, but I crochet it.  It's a baby bunting for Hazel's baby doll - part of her Christmas present.
 A friend requested a custom apron with lots of pockets - a singing time or grandma apron.  Said to do whatever color scheme I wanted.  So I used lots of fun and colorful things.
 I whipped out a costume for Sunshine yesterday.  She loves it.
 And I made a drop waist dress for Drama Queen, little princess style.   It's flannel, so it's super soft.  I haven't gotten a sash for it so I just tied one of our hair ribbons around her waist so it wasn't super baggy.

Now to finish Mischief's witch costume, and a skeleton mask in case she decides she wants to stick with being a skeleton.....I discovered one of my vintage halloween costume patterns has a skeleton mask pattern.  Pretty sure I have some felt I can use.

That doesn't seem like so much now....

Monday, October 14, 2013

Annual Halloween Party

Mr. Man's immediate family has a Halloween party every year.  This year was even more special because we haven't seen everyone since June, even though we all live in the same state!  Except for his parents who are in the Philippines.  Which makes pictures even more important, right?  I had grand plans for the girls costumes this year.  Which quickly failed.  In the end we pulled out a dressup for Sunshine, Namma gave Mischief a skeleton costume, which she loves, and Drama Queen came up with her own thing after declaring slips and princess dresses "itchy".
A table full of candy, for me?!

Drama Queen decided to be a heart fairy.  

Phin and Aunt Emily

Party food!

Aunt Emily got all the babies!  Here she is with sweet Eliza.

Decorating haunted houses

Yummy dinner!

Decorating her haunted gluten free snickerdoodle

All the kids got vampire teeth!

It was past bedtime.

Party games!
Balloon pop

Ring toss and bobbing for apples

Mummy race

Pumpkin rolling.

Pictures by Aunt Jamie: