Annual Halloween Party

Mr. Man's immediate family has a Halloween party every year.  This year was even more special because we haven't seen everyone since June, even though we all live in the same state!  Except for his parents who are in the Philippines.  Which makes pictures even more important, right?  I had grand plans for the girls costumes this year.  Which quickly failed.  In the end we pulled out a dressup for Sunshine, Namma gave Mischief a skeleton costume, which she loves, and Drama Queen came up with her own thing after declaring slips and princess dresses "itchy".
A table full of candy, for me?!

Drama Queen decided to be a heart fairy.  

Phin and Aunt Emily

Party food!

Aunt Emily got all the babies!  Here she is with sweet Eliza.

Decorating haunted houses

Yummy dinner!

Decorating her haunted gluten free snickerdoodle

All the kids got vampire teeth!

It was past bedtime.

Party games!
Balloon pop

Ring toss and bobbing for apples

Mummy race

Pumpkin rolling.

Pictures by Aunt Jamie:


Juli said…
Love this!

We don't do much for Halloween. The kids are easily "bought out" of trick or treating now, as I just buy them candy of their choice and we stay in.

I figure it saves at least $50 in costumes.
Suz said…
It was fun to see you and your sweet girls!

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