Drama Queen's Paparazzi

I like to take pictures of my kids.  If you haven't noticed the lack of Drama Queen pictures, then I'll let you know, that there is a lack of Drama Queen pictures.  She just doesn't love having her picture taken these days.  There are other things she'd rather do.  Though she co-operates for pictures if I have made her something and then she is willing to pose in whatever it is I made....okay...willing is subjective even then.  She tolerates pictures then....

And then there are rare occasions when she asks to have her picture taken, or happily obliges pictures because she feels as cute as she looks

And then sometimes Mommy is simply her own personal paparazzi because she doesn't want pictures taken but oh she looks so adorable!

And picture day isn't until tomorrow!  So I'll torture her some more then.


Juli said…
I usually go all ninja style on them... as boys almost NEVER want their photos taken. Well, not mine anyway.

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