Rag curls

For her bedtime story, I have been reading A Little Princess to Drama Queen. We decided this week to do her hair in rag curls like Sara Crewe and she LOVES IT. she has requested I do up her hair every night and I happily go along with it as I makes her look like a cute little Edwardian girl.

Day one:
After school though, it had already gone quite flat.

So on night 2, I used smaller sections, a bit more water, and rolled much tighter.
too much water in some areas, so they were still damp and will go flat even more quickly, but she loved how her curls "boinged".


Laurel said…
So pretty! We love that book, it makes me cry. We haven't found a movie version that we like though, they are all so different from the book!
Laurel said…
Reminds me of Ramona the Pest and the little girl with the boing boing curls.
Juli said…
I was wondering why you had pinned all those rag rollers. :) Let me know if you try the soft cushioned ones. I'm wondering if they would come out easier. (My hair always gets stuck in the threads)

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