I've been doing quite a bit of sewing lately, though haven't taken really good pictures of anything, just phone pictures.  But I thought I'd share.  Sewing more was a goal of mine for this year, and I'm happy to say I've been successful at it.

I finally attached the sleeves and finished hemming this princess dress that I started making when DQ was 2.  Back before I knew that sizes didn't fit's way too wide for my slender girl.  oh well.
 Well, this isn't sewn, but I crochet it.  It's a baby bunting for Hazel's baby doll - part of her Christmas present.
 A friend requested a custom apron with lots of pockets - a singing time or grandma apron.  Said to do whatever color scheme I wanted.  So I used lots of fun and colorful things.
 I whipped out a costume for Sunshine yesterday.  She loves it.
 And I made a drop waist dress for Drama Queen, little princess style.   It's flannel, so it's super soft.  I haven't gotten a sash for it so I just tied one of our hair ribbons around her waist so it wasn't super baggy.

Now to finish Mischief's witch costume, and a skeleton mask in case she decides she wants to stick with being a skeleton.....I discovered one of my vintage halloween costume patterns has a skeleton mask pattern.  Pretty sure I have some felt I can use.

That doesn't seem like so much now....


Laurel said…
I love the Little Princess dress, that is just the thing Natalie has been wanting. You are making me feel bad, I have so much sewing to do, but my sewing room is still packed!

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