Spun Gold

The miller's daughter and Rumplestiltskin were much on my mind the last half hour as I cut what seemed like straw spun into gold. There's now a pile of golden curls sitting in front of me.
Mischief's hair has been getting long, and as much as we love ringlets, the matting was BAD.
Just a few hours after being washed and brushed, you can already see it's starting to get matted again.

As worried as I was to try and cut it myself, I just did it because it's Sunday and I'm broke, and she didn't want to deal with the tangles she had this morning (it was BAD.  really really.)

I cut it dry because I didn't want to end up with it too short.  I cut it all an inch longer than I wanted because it is going to curl up even more with the weight of the length gone.  She's quite pleased with how it turned out.
I'm so glad curls are forgiving.  I might have to trim a few spots after her next wash, but over all, I think I didn't do too bad.

Oh there you are baby Sally!

She watched Blue's Clues on youtube while I did it.


Juli said…
I LOVE IT!!! Too cute! And it will be so much easier for you both now.
Laurel said…
She looks very cute! That pile of severed curls makes me want to cry though!

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