A little visit, a little chat

My parents showed up at my house on Saturday morning.  They live 2 states away....not a planned visit, more of a 'well we have all this stuff to take up to the kids...and since dad had to sit around anyway...' sort of visit.  My dad tore/ruptured his Achilles tendon last week.  So they came bringing many treasures and clothes for the girls and vintage delights for me.  Including a big box of fabric scraps from my grandma's garage.
We had dinner at my brother's house on Sunday.
My mom and Sunshine.

My brother and his youngest.

My daddy and Sunshine who was cold from playing outside without a coat.

Grandpa couldn't get around much. Hopefully they'll get him fixed on Wednesday (that's when his appointment is)
 Then on Monday I went over while Drama Queen was in school to tie Mischief's cowgirl blanket.  My mom and dad found the perfect fabric at Hobby Lobby in California and used their coupon to buy what was left on the bolt.
My mom and sister-in-law starting on the quilt.

pins to mark where we were tying since we didn't want to tie directly on the pictures.

Yep, I worked on it too!  We got it all tied and now I just need to bind it!

I was surprised today to realize that even though it is November my neighbor's rose bushes are all still blooming.  Other than a day or two of light drifting snow it's been a fairly warm fall.  It was even in the 60s today.  It's supposed to drop down to the 40s by the weekend though.

And I already got started on a quilt with grandma's fabric scraps.
I'm styling it after this quilt which is one of my favorite quilts ever.  Every time it's in a picture Posie Gets Cozy (which is frequently) I just oogle over the pictures...


Katie Bell said…
I have a couple of quilts in the works...maybe I'll get them done by next Christmas....I'm excited to see how yours look!
Laurel said…
I love Sunshine's leggings. I've wanted to buy some of those for my girls, but then I keep thinking they would be so easy to make! So, then I don't buy them . . . or make them either.
Laurel said…
Good luck on the quilt, I have never had much patience for patchwork.
Jamie Hatch said…
excited to see your quilt all done! Looks like lots of fun! I have some vintage christmas type fabrics that I'll probably never use, are you interested? I don't really want to add to your compulsion so please say no if you aren't really interested. Happy Quilting. I want to see the cowboy quilt all done too!

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