Happy Thanksgiving

As we have done, I think, every year we have lived where we do now (except the year I was sick) we went to my Aunt's house for dinner. I greatly appreciate that they invite us to come because I enjoy having lots of people around for Thanksgiving dinner. So it was all of their family plus mine. It is nice that my cousins kids are about the same age as mine, they enjoyed playing together, even Sunshine did!
Kids table.
My turkey is hiding under my ham.
A cousin trying to teach Sunshine a finger trick.

We are so very thankful for so many things!
Our Thankful Turkeys.  You can't tell, but each feather (and finger) has something each person was thankful for.


sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing about your fun Thanksgiving ! I am glad you have family to go to !! Darling photos !..cute thankful idea !
Laurel said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
Katie Bell said…
You're children are adorable, Happy Thanksgiving, three days ago....

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