I dont usually grow flowers except regular marigolds because they are beneficial to grow with tomatoes. This year I decided to grow Calendulas with the grand idea to harvest the petals to infuse in oil. It is excellent for healing. I never did that, but I have found I really like calendulas.  The girls love them too. They are drought tolerant-ish(aka i dont water them and they are still alive and producing new blooms) and the girls love the seed heads as much as the flowers. Their love of the seed heads is evident by all the new starts growing in the garden from them crushing the seeds loose. Anyway. It has been interesting to see the flowers change through the year. Originally all the plants produced yellow blooms
 But whether due to the seasons cjanging or the plants growing near them some of the plants have changed to orange with double petals
 And one plant is nearly white except at the edges around each petal and down the centers. 
Whatever the reason, I like it!


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