Simple Gifts

Today I gave the girls pieces of card-stock to decorate as birthday cards for the neighbor.  Mischief also returned to me with her little hand clutching what appeared to be a wad of fabric, I could see an edge peeking out.  She told me she also had a present to give our neighbor grandma.  I cautiously asked her what, thinking it might be a small rubbery toy that their cat would accidentally eat, but she informed me that it was a rock. We added it to the pile and it brought back a memory of when I was a kid, I used to give rocks as gifts.  I have a clear memory of hurriedly searching through our yard for rocks to fill up an empty candy box to give to a sibling for their birthday when they got home from school.

So a rock wrapped in a little fabric scrap, totally acceptable gift in my opinion.


sleepless said…
I love it and so will the neighbor.

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