Vintage Style

I'm obsessed with vintage these days (okay the last year or so)...yesterday as I looked for pictures of veteran relatives in the photos my father gave me, I came across a whole slew of pictures from my grandma's(dad's mom) childhood.  Which are fabulous of course because it's in the 30s and 40s... and that of course leads me to want to take more vintage style pictures of my darlings.  Sunshine was not so much in a lets go with what mommy wants sort of mood, and didn't want to believe me that her face needed washing.  Mischief, as almost always, was game.

My grandmother

Great Grandma and Grandma(this is the grandma Sunshine is named after)

though I don't have a Shirley Temple era dress for Mischief yet (my pattern selection in her size is very lacking), we decided to put her in her school girl outfit, and do her hair like Grandma's.

It was fun.  I'm looking forward to getting Sunshine to co-operate since she's named after, and has hair much more like my grandma.  And sadly neither of these two ever got to know her though I do have a picture of her holding baby Mischief somewhere...


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