Where's my awesome?

I am working on lowering my expectations for myself, because when I dont meet my exectations I spend a week(ok more like month) in why-bother-doing-anything-then mode. 

My bed actually got made 3 times this week. 

I actually did school with the girls two days this week and I made them sit down with me to read two books each before they could watch tv today. 

We went to the elementary school early for pick up one day so we had time to walk around the school and then swing on the swings before heading to get daddy. 

And I worked on some needle felting. Started on my sister's request, and made a second penguin for my girls. 

Took "things to copy" pictures at Target today. 

Otherwise I did dishes. And the girls and I watched tv. Tomorrow I will try to find my closet once I hit up hobby lobby for some flesh color pipe cleaners and cream color thread. And I will order the fabric for Hazel's quilt. And cut out doll clothes for Christmas presents. 


Juli said…
You get an A+ from me!!!

I had a doctor's appointment today. That's it. That's all I got done. Period.

So you're WAY a head of me. :)
sleepless said…
You do quite A LOT my dear !! Cool stuff at that!

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