About 8 inches I'd say....

We had our first real snow yesterday.  We went outside before school and played in it for half an hour.  It was still actively snowing, and continued snowing all day long.
Sunshine caught on to snowball fights real fast, Mischief still really does not like snowball fights, so it's nice that DQ can at least have them with Sunshine!
Got at least 6 inches I'd say, possibly more, I'm estimating by looking out the window, though I know it's already packed itself down a bit.  The girls wanted to sled after school, but by the time we got home from getting daddy from work it was on the tail end of dusk.  The girls aren't too thrilled with winter's lack of daylight.

I have a cold.  I'm going to get some real decongestant today cause the stuff on the shelf just doesn't do anything for me.  Today we will also go do our Christmas shopping.

Drama Queen is finally close to losing one of her two front teeth!  It's hanging on on one side so she looks a bit snaggletoothed, lol.


Laurel said…
Your girls' are all pink!

When Natalie lost her first of those front teeth, I thought she looked so goofy! The other one was loose and after she lost it her smile was much cuter. :) However, it makes it hard for her to eat artichokes and corn on the cob.
sleepless said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it !! Thanks for sharing all the photos !!

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