Mrs. Snowman

First day of Christmas Break, what do you do?  Make a snowman of course!  It snowed all day Saturday and Sunday pretty much, so there was plenty of snow to work with.  Mr. Man took pictures, and unfortunately I still had the camera set up for Christmas tree lighting, so it wasn't really ready for bright outside pictures.  He got it figured out pretty well though.

Drama Queen rolled the base of our snowman, then we worked together to make, and lift, the second tier.  Snow sure is heavy!
 I put on the head and we got working making a face.

And I just barely remembered we have a corn cob pipe for it!  Darn!

The little girls made their own little snowmen.
Mischief's in progress

 Sunshine was so proud of her snowman...until Mischief pointed out it had no eyes.

 Mischief declared,  "I made my snowman AWESOME! It has a CHIN! It's awesome."
Drama Queen hasn't quite finished hers, everyone else has gone in side...


Katie Bell said…
I love pictures, even little crying girls look adorable.
Juli said…
I so love this. Especially since I didn't have to get cold and wet to participate.

Sometimes I think I miss out on stuff because I hate the cold and hen I realize that with my boys I'd just get pelted by a rogue snowball anyway.

When we were kids and the blizzard of 78 hit, the snow was so heavy we couldn't lift the balls, so my mom rolled them together on the ground, made a smaller one for the head and made snow dogs to ride. I still have pictures somewhere...
Jamie Hatch said…
Its good to see you in some pictures, I just scolded Jotham and said I wasn't in of the Christmas pictures. Yeah for giving Jordan the Camera!

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