To-Do list

I'm seriously lacking any desire to do anything.  My head keeps giving me excuses like, "you're sick and hacking things up every few minutes, just sit and watch youtube"  or "it's 1 degree outside, just stay bundled up under your three blankets" or "you can do it later"....SO

  1. melt ice from playroom window
  2. dry playroom window and window sill
  3. put up plastic over playroom window
  4. put up plastic over little girls window and tv room window
  5. dishes
  6. laundry
  7. pick up tv room.
  8. set up sewing machine
  9. find hairbrush
  10. sort toys
  11. make gf cookies
  12. clean 2 qt jars to fill with gf flours


Katie Bell said…
To-do lists are over-rated, as are productive days, and guilt ridden projects...make a cup of hot chocolate while you're at it, that's what I say!
Abigail said…
I did at least get the windows done...and bought a new hairbrush instead of hunting for the other more. And I made the kids start sorting toys.... I think it is indeed time for hot chocolate!
sleepless said…
When you do not feel well it is REALLY hard to make yourself do things !! Hope you feel better soon !
Juli said…
I find that nothing gets done without my list. Tomorrow though.... nothing is exactly what's on the list.... especially since I can't find my wallet.

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