We had a quiet normal night last night for New Years Eve.  Everyone went to bed at their usual times.  There were not games, no fanfare, no music, no snacks.  I was really rather disappointed, but no one else in our house seemed to care that it was supposed to be a fun exciting night.  Most exciting thing of the night was Drama Queen pulled another tooth out.  Three holes now!

Happy New Year!  It's 2014!  I did not sit down and write any resolutions this year, but I did make some in my head, which I have already successfully started on (and I have the headache to prove it, but I will survive and be all the better for it).

So here are pictures of our beautiful girls.  It will be fun to see how they grow and change this year.  In fact, Drama Queen will be changing her hair this weekend. She decided she wants it cut short.  I may actually have to learn to use the round brush....


sleepless said…
You do have beautiful girls ! Sorry you had no party ! Dadu and I do !

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